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The Bridge


Season 4

Saga Norén is still working at Malmö County Police
Wednesday @ 10.40pm


Parental Rating: 15A

Henrik continues his investigation into the killing of migration director Margrethe Thormod, but the absence of his daughters plays on his mind.

First Shown: 16 Jan

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The Bridge:  European Drama

Season 4

Saga Norén is still working at Malmö County Police. The story starts when a famous Danish gender activist and owner of Copenhagen’s first gender-neutral children’s nursery is found murdered on a building site in Malmö. Saga is forced to work with a new Danish colleague. They quickly come to the conclusion that the murderer has been very particular about aesthetics and wanted them to find the body. This marks the beginning of a line of spectacular murders that eventually become personal foe Saga. Saga’s past catches up with her when her mother unexpectedly arrives.

Episode 3:
Lillian questions how Richard Dahlqvist could evade police protection, but his whereabouts are soon made clear as he streams live on the web.

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