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Rena Buckley 17-3

Parental Rating: G

This is the story of an ordinary girl from Iniscarra who changed the landscape of women's sport in Ireland. Rena Buckley won 18 All Irelands between camogie and ladies football, more than any other pl

First Shown: 14 Apr

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Laochra Gael – Series 17

The definitive GAA sports series returns to TG4 in the Spring. Following on from last year’s successful hour-long format, the series will bring each player’s personal stories to screen. The series features six Laochra with genuine star quality. It will also reveals deeper, fresh and sometimes unexpected insights into the lives of these icons, their relationship to their sport and the world around them. While their sporting careers continue to provide the backdrop to the story, the series travels well beyond the four white lines. Gripping personal storylines will compel viewers to travel towards territory unique to the GAA television landscape.

Colm Cooper – Gooch
The pressure, heartbreak and joy. The personal story behind the medals. A once-in-a-generation talent who defied convention by showing that Gaelic Football does not have to be a big man’s game. This episode of Laochra Gael delves behind the 5 All Irelands and 8 All Stars and reveals the origins of an extraordinary talent in an ordinary Killarney housing estate. The documentary also explores the personal pain away from the pitch during the years of dealing with his father’s death, as well as looking back on the testimonial controversy.

Jackie Tyrrell – The Journey
Jackie was recognised as one of the best defenders that ever played the game. But for a long period Jackie’s own lack of confidence was crippling him, even as he was captaining his county to glory. This programme explores how this self-doubt affected him and how he finally overcame it, after meeting a man who would change his whole attitude to life and sport. The programme follows Jackie Tyrrell’s journey from self-doubt to all-conquering defender and fashion icon.

Seamus Darby – The Man Who Got the Goal
Seamus Darby, the man who scored the most famous goal in the history of the GAA. Darby could never have known the changes that would come when his life changed in an instant. The programme will explore Darby’s story up to that defining moment, and how it came to be that it was he who went on as sub with a few minutes to go. The detail of the dramatic climax of the 1982 All Ireland Final that put an end to Kerry’s “5-in-a-row” dreams, will be relived. The documentary will also delve into Darby’s life since then, and will discuss the difficulties he encountered as a result of being the man who scored the goal.

Rena Buckley – The Best Person in the World?
The story of a trailblazer in women’s sport, Rena Buckley. Rena broke some of the biggest records in the GAA. She won 18 All Irelands between camogie and ladies football, more than any other player, male or female. She won 10 All Stars and when she lifted the Brendan Martin Cup in 2017 she became the first person to captain an All Ireland winning team in two codes. This is the story of an ordinary girl from Iniscarra who changed the landscape of women’s sport in Ireland and who inspired a new generation of girls’ participation. But the journey from Iniscarra to the steps of the Hogan Stand was not always easy.

Kieran Duff – Don’t Judge Me 
Kieran Duff was the darling of Hill 16 but he was the subject of much controversy in his playing career. Duff was Dublin’s key forward in the 1980’s but his hard man image made him very unpopular outside The Pale, especially after his sending off in the infamous 1983 All Ireland Final. But was his ill-repute deserved? What effect did that reputation have on his personal life? Is there more to his story than meets the eye? This episode is a deeply personal journey with an iconic GAA figure.

Andrew O’Shaughnessy – The Bigger Picture
Andrew O’Shaughnessy was the most talked-about young hurling in the country at the turn of the millennium. But O’Shaughnessy’s intercounty career was over by the time he turned 24, after a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis that turned his world upside down. The programme looks back on O’Shaughnessy’s extraordinary underage career, the brief success under Richie Bennis, the controversy under Justin McCarthy, and how O’Shaughnessy has rebuilt his life since receiving the devastating diagnosis.

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