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Imircigh Ban


Memories from thousands of Irish women who emigrated to Britain in the 1940s-80s.


Parental Rating: G

Women emigrants describe the many choices they had when choosing a job. Some women mention the difficulties they had finding accommodation.

First Shown: 17 Sep

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Imircigh Ban explores the memories from and an insight into two lost generations  –  the scores of thousands of Irish women who emigrated to Britain in the 1940s-80s.

Lest we forget them as their stories rarely made headlines and their alienation and loneliness often went unchronicled.  They left home and hearth and a warm and neighbourly rural setting for the big cities of London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow.  Some found happiness.  Many did not.

The social and economic background to their emigration is examined including the ritual of leaving home and the exciting and sometimes heart-breaking journey to Britain.  The challenges faced by the emigrant women as they endeavoured to find suitable work and to settle down in Britain  are revealed as we get a first-hand insight into the social, family, community and spiritual life they made for themselves in this new environment.

The emigrant women speak about their present day situation as they grow older, the legacy they have left, their thoughts on their native land and the concept of home.

It also hears from the minority who chose or who were able to choose later on to re-trace their steps and return to live in Ireland.

Produced by Scannán Dobharchú

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