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Hector – Ó Siberia go Saigon


Hector lands in Thailand and heads for Cambodia
Sunday 11.00pm


Hector Ó Siberia go Saigon 10-6

Parental Rating: 12A

Hector lands in the countryside of Myanmar before making his way to the Capital, Yangon.

First Shown: 11 Aug

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Hector – Ó Siberia go Saigon

The greatest, the longest, the most epic journey Hector has ever done begins in one of the most sparsely populated regions on Earth. He’s 3,500 kms from Moscow, the capital of Russia but stuck deep in a place where exiles and prisoners were sent for 1000’s of years. Yes – Hector is beginning his greatest adventure of them all deep in Siberia. In 8 week’s time, having stepped out of Russia, crossed Mongolia and China, entered Nepal and crossed Bangladesh, Burma, Thailand and Cambodia he will end up sunning himself in Saigon, a journey of over 8,000 kms.

Sunday @ 11.00pm
Hector lands in Bangkok after 18 years away and sees lots of change. He ends up gaming, going diving for treasure in the bay and seeing how the famous food streets are surviving today. Then it’s time for some rehab as he heads for Tham Krabok, Thailand’s monastic equivalent to the Betty Ford Clinic, where people overcome their addictions by living like monks and drinking a “cleansing” brown liquid that makes them vomit each day. Then it’s time to cross over to Siem Reap in Cambodia where he links up with the hero rats who save the landmines.

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