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Hector Central


Hector is traversing around Central America
as he takes on the famous Pan American Highway,
the world’s longest “motorable road”.


Hector Central 1-8

Parental Rating: 12A

And finally Hector crosses the border into Belize on his 3000 mile trip as he speaks English to the locals for the first time in weeks. He's got a date with some chocolate makers Garifuna drummers on

First Shown: 29 Mar

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Mention of Central America can evoke many responses  – friendly people, wonderful coffee and  music but also narco trafficking, failed coups, revolutions, gangs, poverty and richness all in one. The seven countries of Central America are home to lush rainforests, soaring volcanoes, stunning wildlife, knockout beaches and welcoming locals. Whether you’re swinging in a rainforest hammock, climbing a Mayan pyramid or lounging on a deserted island, Central America makes for a diverse, rewarding trip.

Put Ireland’s most famous irreverent traveller  and a TG4 ‘lifer’ into the mix and you have madness, attitude and an 8 part series of travel programmes traversing Central America as he takes on the famous Pan American Highway, the world’s longest “motorable road”.

Hector will present his own unique and hilarious perspective on what he sees and does in each of the locations. He likes to eat. He likes to play. He likes to shop. He is easily distracted by shopkeepers, passers by and even people’s pets.

Each of the programmes will feature a different country,  beginning in Panama and ending up in Belize. Hector  journeys by jeep through all of these countries sticking to the Pan American Highway as much as possible but maybe at times taking a train journey, a bus ride, a fast boat.

Produced by Good Company Productions

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