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Béaloideas Beo


A look back on series 1 of Béaloideas Beo.


Béaloideas Beo 2-12

Parental Rating: G

This week on Béaloideas Beo we look at a darker more sinister part of our folklore and history - changelings and the belief people held that the fairies replaced a living person with one of their own.

First Shown: 12 Sep

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A look back on series 1 of Béaloideas Beo – Despite all the technology and globalised media access, our daily lives in 21st century Ireland are still full of folk customs and beliefs, many of them centuries old – but most of us do not realise this.  This 13 part series of Béaloideas Beo continues its fascinating exploration of how these ancient superstitions developed and still influence us today.

Each programme takes a particular theme –  with a location report and then a discussion by a panel of experts. Presented by  award-winning TV reporter Seán Mac a’ tSíthigh.

Produced by Sibéal Teo

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