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Invitation for ideas
Cuireann TG4 fáilte roimh léiriú spéise do shraith nua Aitheantais Stáisiúin. Is í aidhm na n-aitheantas stáisiún ná branda an chainéil a neartú treas árdán. Iarrtar ar chomhlachtaí cur i láthair a ullmhú a léireodh a gcur chuige i leith dearadh agus léiriú na n-aitheantas.

TG4 welcomes initial idea submissions for the creation of cross platform Station Idents to support and strengthen TG4’s brand and visual identity across platforms. Interested parties should prepare an initial pitch outlining their vision across design and production for the project.

TG4’s mission is to deliver entertaining and innovative media services that celebrate Irish language creativity and connect with audiences at home and worldwide. Through partnership with the Irish language audio-visual sector, we enable the creation of world-class content and support economic growth in Ireland.

TG4’s idents are the primary visual representation of our motto ‘Súil Eile’. Over the years, the idents have gained awards, recognition and anchored our on-air junctions and have been inspired by Ireland’s rich storytelling and landscapes.
TG4’s strategic vision of repositioning from TV centric to a multimedia brand and means we need to reimagine what place idents have in the multi-platform, multi-screen environment.

The key objective is to develop strong brand recognition across all platforms, raise awareness of TG4 with audiences and to raise the profile of Irish language content across media.


TG4’s Idents should reimagine TG4’s position as the multi media brand for Irish culture. Through the new set of idents, TG4 wishes to unify its visual branding by aligning key brand visuals. The idents are a central part of this.

The idents should consider these areas.

• Multi Media: As part of this undertaking we are seeking to align key visual assets to work across TV, Digital, Social and print. The idents function as junction anchors and should function seamlessly between Broadcast and Digital platforms. These idents must have a high/long shelf-life. (High Broadcast frequency). We envisage a family of 6 Idents delivered for various durations, (for example 15, 10, 5, 3 seconds)

• ‘Súil Eile’ (not what you expect): TG4 Idents play an important role in channel identification and station philosophy. Our motto, ‘Súil Eile’ is enigmatic, it is not a defined benefit brand position and speaks to our aspiration as a nation to celebrate a wide diverse culture which has the language as it’s masthead.

• Creativity. TG4’s idents have creative scope and there is a potential to incorporate new technology/Techniques (VR/AR/Social etc) where appropriate.

• Inspiration: the Idents should be anchored in Ireland’s rich storytelling, landscapes, people or mythology with a contemporary twist.

• Budget Guidelines: Maximum budget for the project will be €100,000.

Requirements for initial ideas.

Prepare an initial pitch with supporting visuals / storyboards, outlining the approach to Design and Production for this project. The initial pitch should be no more than 4 pages and should include a brief overview of: –
• Initial proposal for TG4 idents including key brand visuals and storyboards.
• Overview of Creative Team’s experience and related past projects
• Outline how Idents could work across TG4 platforms.
• Budget Outline
Following initial Ideas submission, TG4 will shortlist a number of companies for a more detailed pitch briefing.

Proposed Timeline:

1. Initial Ideas Submission: 21 June
2. Briefing meetings (for shortlisted companies): Week of 1st July
3. Full Submission from shortlisted companies: 26 July
4. Submission Meetings: Week 12th August
5. Decision reached: 20th August
6. Idents Delivered: 01 December 2019.

Note: TG4 Cross Media Platforms include:
– TV
– Web & Player (TG4.ie)
– Apps (IOS / Android)
– Social Media: @TG4TV on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / LinkedIN / Snapchat
– TG4 YouTube Channels
– TG4 on 3d Party Players (eg RTE Player, Virgin Media, SkyGo (tbc)

Any queries related to the call for submission for TG4 idents should be addressed to Seán Cathal Ó Coileáin, Creative Director sean.cathal.o.coileain@tg4.ie

Further Information:
– Applications will be accepted on the basis that the applicant observes all relevant statutory obligations.
– TG4 is not obliged to accept the lowest-priced application, or any application.
– The contract will depend on a Tax Clearance Certificate from the Revenue Commissioners.
– Freedom of Information Act: Candidates are informed that any information provided is allowed to be disclosed to the public under the Freedom of Information Act. Candidates should highlight any sensitive information (if any) and state why the information is sensitive. It cannot be assumed that TG4 will not be obliged to issue information, even if the candidate believes that it is sensitive information and has informed TG4 that the information is sensitive.
– No form of commitment exists – contract or any other form – until TG4 has executed a formal written contract or a formal written contract has been executed on TG4’s behalf.
– TG4 will acquire a full buyout of rights from the successful company with the effect that the idents can be used by TG4 without restriction in perpetuity without any further payment to the company or any third party.


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